“Slipping off” your nutritional plan?


Do you find yourself after the summer fun, looking and feeling a little more mushy, a little more fluffy?  Slipping off of your nutritional plan is quite common in busy seasons, stressful season, etc. But do you know what I am celebrating? I’m celebrating the Nutritional Plan. Yep, If you have one, you should celebrate too!!!!

A nutritional plan is your lifestyle routine of what you know works for you in staying healthy. It’s not an on-again, off-again diet. Nope. No dieting. There’s a BIG difference in a diet and a nutritional plan. Diets are restrictive, unbalances, deprivation-based. A nutritional plan is all about giving your body exactly what it needs, reawakening that energy you thought you’d never see again. Wooohoooooo! That’s a lifestyle I can get excited about.

I’m utilizing the best vegan protein on the planet while doing an occasional cellular cleanse. I’m “slipping back on”so I can make this fluff a little more muscular!

You can do it too. Celebrate your PLAN. If you don’t have one, let’s get you one.



David and I plan to take a ballroom dancing class soon. I think it will be a blast. (He thinks so too.) Something new is always fun to look forward to and, of course, always shows our childishness and our age, all at once.😉

Have you ever noticed how many classes are offered in your community? Taekwondo, pottery, guitar…? The list goes on.

What if there was a class offered about LOVING well?…not sexual instruction, but a human one? Would you be interested? I would. I want to love well. I want to learn what languages to speak to be most effective.

Maybe the class would go something like this: Look into the eyes of another person- someone you don’t know. SMILE.  Ask their name, hobbies, where they’re from? What are their dreams and passions? Listen. Ask “why” questions. Listen again. Find out how they like to contribute to this world. What are they good at?

My sneaky suspicion is that we can do this every day. We don’t need a class, just the BRAVERY to start a conversation. Who doesn’t need your smile and kind heart?  That’s the syllabus for this class. (you don’t even need a pencil).

Hurry up. Run You’re late to class. LOVING 101 is about to begin.

Little Heels and Pigtails

IMG_4387 (1)


“Little Heels and Pigtails”
10 x 12 oil on canvas panel

This one is special. It represents the journey for both the parent and child. This little one is wearing her first pair of heels, feeling quite grown up while proudly sporting the adorable and spunky hairstyle of a child. And it is so fitting, the way the light greets her like a protective angel. She stands just outside the door of all she has known, ready to greet LIFE. 💕

Receiving Days


IMG_9918The drizzling rain is so comforting.

Some days are more like “receiving days”, don’t you think? We didn’t have to think about how to get the water from there to here and what the ocean currents and winds needed to do, or how the clouds would carry it. It just arrived like an unexpected, needed gift. And tomorrow when the sun appears, we will think the same.